Monday, January 04, 2016

Stand back, to take it all in

Shingle picker (digital design)
Every few years I find it necessary to look up from whatever I'm immersed in to see where exactly it is that I've reached.  I can too easily move eagerly from one impulse to another, distracted by my curiosity or inspirations.  The comfort of familiarity can also lead to remaining in the same place for too long.  So, I have reached a point when I need a good view.
I realise that when I was turned down by a prestigious art quilt group many years ago now on the grounds that they thought my interests were not entirely quilt-centred, they were right.  I want to detach labels, and to examine what it is that I want to express, and in what way(s).
One way of achieving a kind of clarity is to write - to stand outside what I am thinking by reading it.  I have this blog, which is indeed called Threading thoughts, but I want to try to isolate my work from my wider thoughts.  Although that might seem like categorising pebbles on a beach, I am going to try in a new blog: Hand, Eye Mind, devoted to process, progress, and projects.  I will continue to cover my work in this blog, however.


  1. Hi Olga,
    I have just been over to the new blog exploring! I really love hearing about the processes. Often on here I would have loved you to talk a bit further, especially since I am not familiar with printing and the differences between one flavour and another.

    Looking forward to discovering more!

  2. Hi Sandy
    I have started the other blog to sort myself out, and to keep track of what I doing and trying to do. I hope to note more on process, but if you have any questions do please ask.