Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Benefitting from the unpopularity of the unfamiliar

We saw two exhibitions at the Hauser and Wirth gallery:  a solo show of Don McCullin's photographs which was consistently crowded, and a mixed show titled Qwaypurlake - a title which hardly trips off the tongue.  There were many interesting pieces in the latter, but my favourites were two birds by Elisabeth Frink:
Elisabeth Frink: Large bird from here
Elisabeth Frink: Bird from here
Tucked away was a quiet attractive painting by Peter Lanyon:
Peter Lanyon: Anticoli Snow from here
At the end, on a large end wall were three beautiful large paintings by Ian McKeever:
Twelve - Standing III from here
Twelve - Standing V from here
Twelve - Standing IX from here
There were very few folks visiting this show when we were there, and of those who did wander in most seemed to whizz through.  I enjoyed a quiet long peruse.


  1. The subtlety of the Ian Mckeever paintings is a delight ... Definitely a case of less is more.

  2. Absolutely, Margaret. For me, his work always packs quite a punch.

  3. I am very envious - I have wanted to visit Hauser & Wirth Somerset since the gallery opened. The exhibits look good.

    1. It is certainly somewhere we shall return to, Eirene.