Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crisp and chill

Today I have been thinking about the beauties of Winter.  The temperature has fallen from the unseasonal balmy days which seduced the new shoots to show themselves.  Despite the sunshine, a crisp wind cuts through all of the protective layers, but I have been enjoying the birds from the graceful red kites, the passing heron, the ducks, and many tiny birds down to the treecreepers and the wrens. 
The remaining berries shine among the lines of bare branches, the scratchy twigs marked against the pale yellow sky.  The beech leaves glow with a deceptive warmth.
I came across this print and love it.  It is by Hester Cox, and is from here.


  1. I think this year that the interminable grey of most days since November has made us more appreciative of normal winter weather. Today, for the first time, there was glistening frost on the pavement outside our house and what a pleasure it was to see it. The Hester Cox print beautifully shows all aspects of winter - and is lovely! As so often, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Margaret, I must admit that I have always liked the greys of Autumn and of Winter for their own particular light. So man pleasures in the details whatever the weather. I'm glad you like the Hester Cox print too.