Monday, January 11, 2016

Painting with paper pulp

I was reading about David Hockney's Paper Pools yesterday evening and decided to have a quick google to see if anyone else has been using the technique.  I found this image which I like a lot.  It's by Durant Sihlali.  The image comes from here, and there is more information about the artist here.

Added on Tuesday:
Ellsworth Kelly also used the same facilitator Kenneth Tyler to make pulp paintings at more or less the same time, the late '70s. Image below detail from full pic.: MOMA.


  1. I like the idea of working/dyeing/painting paper pulp -- it's like textile work with hand-dyes and painting. I miss that part, and while you would think that painting was the same, it's just not. I also hadn't realized the Hockney was working with those large panels in the 1970s. So much to learn.... Do you like his "Pilgrim's Progress?"

  2. June, I am very much enjoying Pilgrim's Progress, my own progress through it being slow and thoughtful. I went to see the Paper Pools exhibition in London at the time, and was blown away. As you say, it is not at all like painting and much more like hand dyeing and patchwork. The pieces that DH made are extraordinary, and such hard work must have gone into it all. He chose an appropriate subject in water, but a fiendishly difficult one. No wonder he did not do any more with that medium after that.