Friday, January 15, 2016

Lino trial

I am trying out a different versions of a digitally printed background for City breakfast. Below are a couple of examples. 
I also tried another plate - Shuffle - with another digitally printed background - in this case printed onto Lokta paper.  All very much work in progress.
I have decided to keep my new work blog for myself in order to be more useful to me, and so have removed the link.


  1. That is some impressive linocutting, to have the figure's outlines in relief.

  2. Thank you Marja-Leena. I am enjoying my new cutters. My fingers last longer with them - although I have allowed them to seduce me into more intricate cutting which defeated me for a wee while. At least the stitching and the cutting are different enough for me to 'rest' from one with the other.

  3. Writing for an audience is always different, isn't it? However hard one tries not to be affected, the knowledge that others will read a piece always makes a difference.

  4. Yes, Eirene, I found that if the other blog was going to function practically as a notebook for myself it would not be adequate as an open blog. On the other hand, explaining the whys, wherefores, and hows of every step I take would eat up too much of my time. I am happy to explain things if asked, however.

    1. Though I hadn't commented, I was enjoying what you were writing. There was so much to think about in what you were saying. However, I do understand how time-consuming it must have been and how writing for others to read could have made it all less useful to you.