Friday, January 08, 2016

Ghostly visitor

This is fast becoming a nature diary!  A few years ago I was astonished to see a pair of egrets on a tree overlooking the pond in the village.  I thought I must be mistaken, but no, little egrets are now living in Britain.
Yesterday I was at the computer, and something white caught my eye.  Under the hawthorn, at the edge of the wetland, shining in the light of the setting sun was a beautiful little egret.  It stayed long enough to probe between the matted reeds, and then it flew off.  (image above from here)

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  1. Sitting at the studio window (recently, for most of the day, as the computer has been moved), I'm enjoying "nature" ... the little urban birds, foxes! - and even a pair of swans flying overhead. Such a contrast from the brick buildings and their seried windows. My view is a bit of a jumble, so these intrusions are a delight. No chance of egrets ... though years ago I saw a wagtail where there is now a house-in-a-back-garden. And the crow family in their exposed nest - the tree was pollarded that year and chopped down the next, sad to say.
    Still, even in the city we have odd incursions of nature.