Saturday, January 09, 2016

Exquisite minimal ceramics ... patchwork pots

These elegant and pieced ceramics attracted me the minute I turned the page of my latest Craft Arts International magazine and saw the photos of Carina Ciscato's work. (The image above came from the Craft Arts link, and the beginning of the article is there too.)
Starting with the lid, she throws pot shapes with minimal markings, cuts the bodies and then fits them to make a new body before fitting on the lid.  There are two films showing her technique.  The first on the Joanna Bird website which shows the whole forming process without words. (Image above from here)
The second film is from Ceramic Review magazine with Ciscato explaining her technique.
I find the work stunningly beautiful - for me it represents visually what hours of hand stitching provide: calming meditative contemplation.


  1. Looking at beautiful ceramics - bliss! This is the fifth time I have clicked on this post...

  2. I just loved watching the films too.

  3. These are just exquisite, Olga. The technique is fascinating and the chosen glazes with their beautiful breaks into the creases make them light and ethereal and contrast with the slight 'wonkiness' of the shapes - lovely!

  4. Margaret, I am delighted to have stumbled upon her work.