Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sea Lovers

I am very much enjoying Valerie Martin's collection of short stories Sea Lovers.  It is a strange and delightful world I step into every night at bedtime, with a section on metamorphoses - which immediately made me think about the works of Ana Maria Pacheco (the above image comes from here).
It was the review by Jane Smiley (just after I had completed reading her Last Hundred Years trilogy) that persuaded me to acquire the Martin book.


  1. This is a Pacheco I have not seen before - thank you for posting. I will look into Martin's short stories, they sound fun. By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed the Last Hundred Years Trilogy, and felt bereft when I finished it.

  2. Yes, Eirene, Jane Smiley took us into those folks' lives so well, it is a bit of a wrench to leave them.