Monday, February 15, 2016


When interviewed, creative folks are usually asked who their influences are.  Over the years I have often wondered who among the many artists whose work I admire - who was actually an influence.  I don't know about influence, but keep coming back to Georgia O'Keeffe who was certainly an inspiration.  There was a time when my friends could have accused me of being obsessed with her work and her life.  I was even given a book of recipes from her kitchen as a present - I had already bought most of any other books that were available.
One thing that always strikes me is how much art she is part of as well as that which she created.  From the early days as Alfred Stieglitz's wife (photo above from here), O'Keeffe was the inspiration for many extraordinary photographs.  (The photo at the top of this post is by Dan Budnik.)
Photos above and below by John Loengard


  1. Powerful artist and incredible human being - I am so looking forward to the exhibition at the Tate.

    1. In many ways I dread it, Eirene, because I can imagine the crowds.