Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cutting an alphabet

I have finally got round to cutting a block alphabet for my Red Letter Memoir book project.  The raw material is conveniently shaped erasers.  I looked for a suitable free alphabet online - something along the lines of bold Gill sans - i.e., simple and chunky, and printed it out mirrored.
After I traced each letter onto the eraser - three letters per eraser except for M and W which are wider - I cut them with a scalpel.
Now they are ready for me to try out with some ink.  I have plenty of erasers left should I need to re-cut some of the curved letters which were the most fiddly - although I do not want perfection in any case as I am going to accompany the headline letter with my handwriting.


  1. This looks like a really serious labour of love ... I look forward to seeing the results!

  2. Yes, both, and now I have to decide whether I also want to have the whole headline word/place name in cut out lower case letters. I shall have to do a little trialling with a red pen first.