Thursday, February 04, 2016

Bookbinding workshop

Pewsey white horse, image from here
Yesterday I braved the commuter traffic to travel deep into white horse countryside for a workshop.  I have been worriting around vague ideas about making a book with my work - somehow, I know not how - and through a friend heard of Lori Sauer's workshops
Because I have nothing specific in mind yet, I did not want to spend several days at a workshop, but the one day Fin Book workshop looked a good starting point.  The examples shown looked attractive, and the binding looked open and accommodating (just in case that is what I might need).
It was a sunny day, and once I had got past the traffic I enjoyed the drive - even though I did lose my way a little towards the end.  However, I did get a view of the Pewsey white horse, which I should not have done - so a bonus!
This is my completed sample. 
I discovered after I had put the cover on that I had bound only six rather than seven sections, and that all the sections were not in the same orientation - so they go up and down somewhat, as can be seen at each end of the binding below. 
In mitigation I must say that the manipulations of the binding took much concentration from everyone, some cursing, and a touch of blood spilling!  There was tension not only in the binding threads!  Also I my knackered knees were protesting at having to stand still all day with only awkward (for me) high stools to perch on, so I was not as relaxed as I would have liked.  Despite this I did enjoy the day, and after all, this is a learning sample only.
I am not sure if this binding method is what I want, but as I hoped the process has made me take on a different perspective, and placed practical possibilities in front of me.  It certainly has not put me off the larger idea, rather has moved me a little further forward - I just have more things to mull.


  1. This sounds like fun, despite the perching on high stools - I know how much I would have hated that.

  2. It was indeed fun, Eirene, as well as a serious exploration. The stools are best forgotten!

  3. I have always been fascinated by hand made books but have never tried it! Good for you!

    And love the White Horse, recalling a a couple of glimpses on our UK trip in '09.

  4. Marja-Leena, there are so many white horses round that area. They are such a delight to see as one is driving around - even if seeing one, as in this case, indicates being in the wrong place!