Saturday, February 27, 2016


There are many textile collections which I have wanted to visit over the years.  One, brought to my attention a couple of years back by the excellent Kate Davies, is at Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire, England.
After some months of closure for restoration work the Hall is putting together an exhibition of textiles with obvious restoration.  A few days ago they put out an open call for examples of such
I have some pieces made by my maternal grandmother, and which she herself had mended.  I must look at whether they are perhaps worth considering.  Her embroidery is rather like that in the image immediately above.

All images from the Gawthorpe Textiles Collection online gallery.


  1. Special !!!

    (lóve the cloth in the top picture !!!)

  2. Yes, Els, it looks like a splendid collection.

  3. What a glorious tea pot and what a lovely choice of themes that is, following the restoration of the house. I've added this to my growing list of places to visit on our trips north and once the exhibition of work with restoration is ready for viewing.

  4. Like you, Margaret, I am always on the lookout for stop-off points on long journeys.