Friday, February 19, 2016

Crisp sunny morning at the Winter garden ... then an afternoon in the print kitchen

This morning the weather forecast predicted sunshine, and so we drove a few miles south to Hillier's Arboretum which has a now well established Winter Garden.  We were not disappointed.  Here are some of my snaps:
Flowers were the object of my print proofs: from one side of the double plate I finished carving yesterday. 
My background paper is also an experiment: 42gsm Kozo paper prepared for inkjet.
I want the colour to come from the background paper rather than from the print flowers, so I inked up the plate with grey.
Perhaps I will use a paler grey next time.  The figure outline has to be printed on top once the ink is dry, so I'll see what the effect is then.  I will also see how well the paper stands up.  So far so good.


  1. Interesting experiments here, Olga, especially the use of the 42 gsm Kozo paper. Did you prepare it for inkjet yourself?

    1. The inkjet paper is ready prepared, Margaret. I bought it from

    2. Thank you very much, Olga. I will investigate!