Sunday, February 21, 2016

Levels of light

Immersed in reading and thinking about Peter Davidson's The Last of the Light: About Twilight, both the contents and the cover led me finally to order Duncan Macmillan's monograph on Victoria Crowe.  The latter arrived yesterday, so I have spent a deal of today reading it and looking closely at the pictures.
Victoria Crowe captures different levels of light beautifully, especially the winter light of the Borders of Scotland, both outdoors and indoors - the latter an even trickier ask.  On the other hand she also captures the indoor light in Venice, and the light through a window in both situations. 
Victoria Crowe: Considered silence (image from here)
I respond personally to these atmospheres.  I have experienced and enjoyed both of these light manifestations.  In reading of Crowe's development I was interested to learn that she also was fascinated by Orthodox icons.  I am also very interested in her compositional division of the picture plane.


  1. This image is so beautiful and so evocative...

  2. Yes, and it complements the contents of Davidson's book perfectly.