Monday, October 23, 2017

Signs of excitement

Alan Davie: Woodpecker's Choice (image from here)
I have nothing to write about my work at present - not that I am not working.  Stitch, stitch, stitch.  However, in the cracks of time between doing I keep going back to the ArtUk site to poke my memory.
Alan Davie: Diptych for a Tame Spider (image from here)
In the late 60s I was fortunate to spend several afternoons in the Richard Demarco gallery, and to meet various artists.  Sometimes those artists were kind enough to spend time talking with me about their work - or just generally chatting.  One such was Alan Davie.
Alan Davie: Wheels for the Sweet Life (image from here)
His work to me was an explosion of seductive chaos - compelling, exciting, demanding, yet strangely familiar, friendly.  The symbols - exuberant, colourful, irrepressible signs jazzed up my thinking.  Yet he treated me as an equal.  Such an invaluable encounter.
Alan Davie: Playing Card Adventure No.4 (image from here)
I cannot remember the individual paintings which were in that exhibition, but from the ArtUk page I have chosen those of the right dates.  Here is the Tate Gallery's obituary - his death coincided with a display of their works of his.


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