Friday, November 02, 2018

Autumn art

As we enter the last month of Autumn I try to drink in the glory of leaves that are still around before the frosts blacken them and they drop to mulch.  Folks often prefer to have windows which face south to catch the warmth of the sun, but I love our north-facing windows showing the south-facing garden.  It's the light in the early morning and in the evening as it illuminates the leaves which I savour every day.  It takes but seconds to pay attention and drink it in, and it lifts the spirits immeasurably.
(image from here)
Nature does a pretty fabulous job, but also many artists cannot resist the temptation to take those leaves to a different level.
Christine Juillard (image from here)
Andy Goldsworthy (image from here where there are more works)
Lesley C. (images from here)

What I admire most about great Land Art is that it makes the observer look hard at the land at least as much as at the art.