Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018


Rounded by its companions, part of a roof tile, a beautiful alien, found on the beach at Nice, France.  I wondered, still wonder, how long ago it left its roof.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I enjoy so many aspects of making my pieces, but some work I would prefer to leave to elves.
I've spent time in recent weeks cutting lino, and quilting a big piece, and designing more pieces, and being delightfully distracted, ....  But for a couple of days pain in my hands and wrists has driven me to pause with the lino, and forced me finally to get down to the much gentler - but to me rather boring - task of finishing off.  This is what I would wish the elves to do for me - because as you can see below, I have allowed a pile to accumulate.
But never mind; Nature's elves have been busy, and today the first of the species tulips is in flower, and the smallest euphorbia is looking sculpturally splendid.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Quietly, into Spring

Doodle in progress

Sunday, March 04, 2018


I have been looking forward to the Tate Britain exhibition All too Human ever since I saw it announced last year.  So often anticipation is dashed, but not in this case.  I am definitely inspired - there are so many really good paintings in the show.  Some I had not seen before, and one in particular captivated me completely.
Walter Sickert: Noctes Ambrosianae  (image from here)
Sickert is not an artist at whose name I become excited.  Until now he has been only of academic interest to me, but today I saw what for me is an exquisite small piece, shown above.  With a limited number of gestured stokes he has captured attitudes and emotions of an audience.
Francis Bacon: Study for Portrait of Lucien Freud (image from here)
Bacon is top of the bill in the title of the exhibition, and has for a long time been a thorough favourite of mine, and so I am familiar with many of his works.  It is always such a pleasure to see previously unseen pieces.  I sat in front of the portrait of Freud above, and the triptych below for some time.
Francis Bacon: Triptych (image from here)
Another great favourite artist of mine is Paula Rego, and I was delighted to see familiar pieces, and one new to me, shown below.
Paula Rego: The Company of Women (image from here)
There is so much else - each room packed with thoroughly rewarding work.  It is an excellent exhibition, and I look forward to reading the catalogue, and perhaps revisiting the show itself.
Some reviews are here and here, here and here.