Friday, October 13, 2017

If we run, we might look decisive


  1. Or, who are we running from?
    Sandy in Bracknell

    1. Yes, Sandy - or is this just a morning jog? I just love the ambiguity of body language - and how ready we are to interpret without context.

    2. Yes, if you'd put this up with no caption & opened it up for interpretation, I'm sure you would get so many different takes. But in reading the post title before seeing the running figures, my reaction was yes, what a brilliant visual to underscore this thought that is so indicative of our times. And I love it.

    3. Sheila, as you probably guessed, this combination of the running figures came about because the profound unease I am feeling about politicians and how much power they have - willy-nilly - over us all.

    4. But, I'm delighted that you like my doodle. Thanks.

    5. It certainly resonates with me for that very reason. I've been in a state of profound unease for the last week or so over the most recent events, both political and those caused by one natural disaster after another. I fear I am shutting down, have reached the maximum I can hold in my attention for a bit. I think I felt your running men could do the "the sky is falling, run!" for me! They do indeed look like they are doing so with intention but we know better. ;-) Yes, I really do like that doodle.