Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A bonus exhibition

I met a friend yesterday.  We had not seen each other for years, and we talked for hours, and in between we popped into an exhibition, Radical Craft to which I must admit I paid scant attention.  Well, only enough attention to have the work of two artists catch my eye.
First were three stiffened lace houses by Marie-Rose Lortet - image above from here.
And second was a piece of stained glass by Pinkie Maclure - image from her website.


  1. Incredible images, Olga. Lortet's work is stunning, I know that I will keep re-visiting her website. Images of imaginary people and worlds usually leave me cold, but I found Mclure's work very interesting indeed.

    1. The work really is remarkable, Eirene. I'm glad you like them.