Friday, June 09, 2017

The shore

My favourite place to be, in any weather - even wind! - is a shore.  Especially the shore of a loch, with a view of mountains across the water.  But any shore - well, most shores will do. 
The topography of so much of the Outer Hebrides is such that you are never far from a shore.  Indeed, many of our drives involved winding between not just two, but several shores.  A kind of paradise.
I am still reeling with all the input.  I have not been able to organise what I took in, both consciously and sub-consciously; but this blog helps me sort out categories at least, and the snaps below are just some from the southern isles(the north being Harris and Lewis, posts to follow).
Here are a few of my snaps of shores of the southern isles:

This is a ceramicist's home studio on the shore of Loch Euphort - we did not visit, but enjoyed catching sight of several contemporary houses along this road in North Uist.  On the other side of the road is Roddy Mathieson's sculpture Sanctuary (pic. below)

Scolpaig Tower seen in a clear spell between torrential downpours.
I have not cropped out the sky in my snaps because, like the wind the sky was a huge part of our experience.


  1. My favourite place too, Olga, - a shore. I could just sit for hours and just look, and think. Beautiful photographs.

    1. Thank you, but the landscape really provided all the beauty - even in the foulest weather. Yes, the shore seems to encourage thinking and dreaming.