Friday, June 16, 2017

Holiday art encounters - 1

In my pre-holiday researches I had found a gallery near the house we were renting on Harris, and even nearer Rodel church.  It looked attractive in the online photos, and it proved to fulfil more than my expectations. 
The Mission House Studio belongs to a photographer and a ceramicist: Beka and Nickolai Globe.  Both of us were very taken with the work - as well as with the gallery, its layout, etc. ... all most seductive.  We both spent some time there, each talking with the artist where our interest lay: me with the potter because not only am I a nut about pots, but he was a graphic designer in a previous life.
Nickolai Globe's ceramics feel out of the earth around, and complement the drama of the landscape (photo above from here).
Beka Globe's photographs, all in black and white also beautifully capture that drama of the landscape around, yet also capture the life living day to day, and her photos of flowers also present the sculptural presence in both the rocks around and her husband's ceramics. (Photo below from here, where there is an interview with Beka Globe.)
It was a thoroughly inspiring visit; the sight of the ceramic studio alone made me at once want to get to work on something.


  1. I have enjoyed reading and looking at the posts of your holiday, Olga - life got a bit frantic recently and I was unable to say so earlier. I like the photographs in this post, and need to see more of Nicholai Globe's ceramics - this one is awesome and I would have loved to be able to handle it.

    1. You are right. A great deal of pleasure was derived from handling his work, the rough and the smooth.