Thursday, June 29, 2017

Magic beyond analysis

I'm someone who enjoys figuring things out.  Rationalising, post-rationalising, analysing - all are enjoyable occupations which sit happily with creative appreciation.  But the most exquisite pleasures come beyond explanations - like the enchantment I felt when seeing a boat-shaped sieve hanging from a ceiling above us in an art centre café.
I am attracted to baskets, and I am attracted to boats.  But this was more than simply an amalgam of those.  Admittedly part of the magic may have been related to the Lobster and the Lacuna exhibition which had filled me with so much delight.  But it was more than that.
This vessel, high up in the rafters, amongst the light buoys, as if we were stuck in the depths below it's airy progress, this vessel struck me as the island equivalent of a magic carpet.  My researches found that it was made by land artist Chris Drury and is titled Land Water Vessel.
It made an extraordinary impression on me.

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