Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The second week

On our last day before taking the ferry to Harris the sun shone, and we enjoyed a couple of days' relaxation before exploring Harris and Lewis.  There were only two definite places I wanted to see: Rodel church and Callanish stones.  We had a great week, mostly on Harris with one day in Lewis, visiting Callanish with a brief stop in Stornoway.
I am fascinated by symbols and symbolic art, which means that I'm attracted to work found in churches.  St Clement's church in Rodel is rich with wondrous sculptures, especially around the grave of Alasdair Crotach, chief of the clan MacLeod - decoration which he ordered for himself.  My camera was inadequate, but there are photos here - two are below.
I was also fascinated by the stone wall marking the road boundary of the graveyard.  There is a deliberate pattern in it
but I also found the placement of stones pleasing, and loved the layer of growth on top.
I shall write about Callanish in the next post.

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