Friday, February 17, 2017

Destination of delights

Once upon a time I used to love just jumping in the car and scooting off to craft galleries and exhibitions hither, thither, and yon.  I had a car to myself (we have one car between us now), there was not much traffic, and there were several high quality craft shops within a radius of about a two and half hours' pleasant drive through lovely countryside.
(image above from here)
One of the destinations was Walford Mill, an attractive and interesting craft centre (with bistro attached) in the delightful small town of Wimborne, and with a large adjacent car park.  Yesterday I drove there to catch up with a friend and to see an exhibition.  From the end of our road to the turning for the Mill the traffic was constantly heavy and nose to tail.  The destination was still a delight, the encounter with friend definitely a great pleasure, and the exhibition rewarding, ... but the journey!  But this is now the norm, and what with the closure of so many high quality craft galleries, my scooting days are definitely over.
Yesterday was a much enjoyed day nonetheless.  The exhibition on at present is of sandblasted glass, and we were fortunate that the sun was shining to make the most of Ruth Dresman's lovely work.  Below are a few snaps I took, and here on Ruth Dresman's Facebook page are many more.


  1. Wonderful glass.

    I too miss craft galleries. There used to be quite a few in our area but most of them have closed down. It's such a shame.

    1. The strange thing is, however, that the number of folks graduating in arts and crafts seems to have increased. How do they all survive, I wonder.