Saturday, February 04, 2017

Love of trees

Catherine Eaton Skinner: Mti (image from here)
Trees are such marvellous creatures.  There are many beautiful portraits of trees, but a few seem extraordinary to me.  I have just stumbled upon some which I find inspiring.  Catherine Eaton Skinner has produced some stunning work.  I shall be returning often to her website for nourishment.


  1. Wow! Wonderful stuff. I just visited her website - it all looks stunning. I particularly liked Trees, Distance Between things, Shadow Spirits and some of the Sculpture. Like you, I will visit again.

    1. Eirene, not only do I love her work - I also have studio envy!

  2. So thankful for this post and the link to Catherine's website. I've been waiting to say something until I had time to more thoroughly explore her work as you know how enamored I am of trees. But I've not had the chance to more than skim yet so have bookmarked it and am sending my thanks.