Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Fishy diversion

I have a box full of felted knitwear, and from time to time I try out ideas for using it.  Today it came into my head to try out one of my favourite designs.
Originally a linocut, my fish on a dish has had a few manifestations.  First it was a heat transfer stitched piece.
Then it became a couple of small quilts, one with 'found colour' - these were the colours the computer gave me when I scanned the original lino print with the colour setting on.
And today I've made one with different thicknesses of felted knitted Shetland wool: two colours/threads for the body and fish, and one colour alone for the plate (apologies for the rather foreshortened appearance in the snap).
As you see, I like the figure facing in either direction.  I am quite pleased with the pattern on the knitwear showing as it does.


  1. I really like simplicity of this felted piece with its sculptural quality - hints of Henry Moore, or is that a thought too many?

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I have been a great fan of Moore's work - even coming down to the Tate from Edinburgh by coach and staying in the Youth Hostel in order to see the big exhibition in 1968. So doubtless he has been an influence.