Thursday, June 28, 2018

Park pavilion

Our trip up to Hyde Park provided quite a selection of treats.  Not only the two exhibitions at the Serpentine galleries, the Mastaba on the lake, and also the annual Summer Pavilion.  This year's architect is Frida Escobedo, and the reviews here and here built up our expectations.
Arriving before it was open to the public I took a few snaps while it was empty. 
After we had seen the Mastaba and the Tomma Abts we returned to have a coffee before visiting the Christo and Jean-Claude exhibition.  We were disappointed to find that the space is so limited that only four tables with four chairs each were provided for sitting to drink our expensive coffee and enjoy the ambience.  The reflecting roof is fun, but also makes the space feel even smaller, and the pool of water rather resembled a puddle - or a designer dog water bowl (that's a bit harsh on my part - the dogs appreciated it!).  
As a pavilion for a private garden it would make a lovely cool space on really hot days like this week, but we did not think that it works as a public space.  Brilliant use of concrete roof tiles, however!

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