Friday, June 22, 2018

Images that attract

Clancy Warner: Whitewashing History (image from here)
I am engaged in a great possessions-downsizing which although steady takes place in fits and starts, and involves different kinds of sorting and disposing.  This morning it has been magazines again.  When dealing with books or magazines or exhibition catalogues, etc. I always flick through them first before putting them into their assigned piles (recycle waste, a friend, keep meanwhile, keep).  This of course makes the sorting a slow process, but a pleasurable one.
Every so often a photograph takes my eye and I have to look up the artist.  I decided to make a note of those artists - especially those whose work I had missed before - on the blog.  Today's works are Whitewashing History (2016) by Clancy Warner and Training Session (detail) 2015 by Mathilde Roussel.
Mathilde Roussel: Training Session detail (image from here)

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