Thursday, June 30, 2016

More prints, and a couple of drawings

The most dramatic print, one which stood out with no difficulty in the midst of a packed wall was a wondrous piece by Richard Long, resembling his wall and floor works using river muds this was made using carborundum and acrylic.  Stunning work.
Honky Tonk Women

Rebecca Salter's minimalist prints intrigue and attract me.  I have a great admiration for the discipline and find them inspiring although the images are nothing like what I want to achieve.  I did not see all of her pieces in the exhibition, but the two which I like especially are Grisaille Series I and Grisaille Series II, both Japanese woodblock.

One image which attracted my attention was not my usual fare, and so I was keen to find who had made it - and was surprised and delighted to find that it's an etching by Kiki Smith, someone with an interesting and unpredictable range of works.
In a Bower hand coloured etching and acquatint

Printmakers whose work I often like are Katherine Jones and Andrzej Jackowski, and these two prints were worth seeking out.
Katherine Jones: Clear surface Intaglio and woodblock
Andrzej Jackowski: At the lining - flowers Lithograph and chine colle

Two tiny delights I deliberately looked for.  I had seen on television that two artists together produce intaglio prints of trees on a 'paper' made of the specific tree's leaves. Emma Buckmaster and Janet French made Ilex Aquifolium (below) etching on holly leaves
and Fagus II on beech leaves

I was pleased to find a Paula Rego drawing - a powerful image, as ever:
Death of the blind sister acrylic and conte

There were other drawings which caught my eye too.  I think my favourite was by Kate Dunn
Untitled (Shenzhen Women) conte drawing

There were others that I liked, of course, but I think I'll stop here with just one more post - on textile pieces.


  1. Sheer delight! Wonderful seeing another Paula Rego whose work I admire enormously. As surprised and delighted as you by the Kiki Smith. The Richard Long is just wonderful and I need to find out more about Rebecca Salter. I love Jackowski's paintings and this is the first print of his I have seen. Thank you.

    1. It's interesting how one comes across artists. I have loved Jackowski's prints for years, but have never seen a painting other than on his website.
      There are just so many wondrous artists out there!