Friday, June 17, 2016

A quote

Image above from here
In my researches for the 3D workshop I looked up sculptor Cathy de Monchaux, and encountered a most thought-provoking quote on this vimeo of a talk she gave at Leeds Art College.

'Culture is having the guts to sit and think,
waiting for the emptiness to fill up with the reflection of the world
- to digest it and attempt to reveal humanity back to itself without going mad in the process. 
The ability to achieve a detached focused intensity,
to believe in the lack of a plan. 
You sit and you think,
and then you brave it out and make something,
however odd and scary it might be.'

Image above from here

Such a banquet to chew over.  (The punctuation is mine.)
Now that I've tidied up, and am turning my attention to what's next on my to do pile, I find that the ideas here are demanding pause for thought.  How fortunate that my slow stitching and the tennis can distract enough to leave the back burner to ponder in peace.

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