Friday, July 01, 2016

Textile work and some loose ends

There were a few pieces which could be described as textile art, and these below are the ones I liked.  I was delighted to find a piece by Miranda Argyle.  I first saw her work at a Summer Exhibition a few years ago, but have not noticed any for a couple of years - I must check my past catalogues.
Inside Out silk on linen
Although familiar with most of Joe Tilson's work over the years I was surprised to see a tapestry under his name.  As a Royal Academician he has several of his pieces hanging which I recognised, and then in the last room was a striking black and white hanging: Look.
I see that he made a painting Look with the same image in 1964, and so perhaps he has had a tapestry studio make this version for him.  It would have been good to have some information.  I shall have to do a little more investigation.

Susie Koren's two pieces are described as paintings: natural pigment and stitching
Climping Beach
Furnace Wood

An interesting piece, Ecstasy, which I thought at first was a painting is categorised as Unknown, with the technique/process as textile and is by Jacques Lawrence Calver

On looking back at my marked catalogue I now remember a few others which struck me:
Hypnagogia, a lithograph by Susan Beattie

A painting by My little red dress by Eugenie Vronskaya

Prints by Peter Freeth, especially the acquatint Mr Parkinson takes a cold shower.

Two charcoal and acrylic drawings by Tony Bevan
Sculptures I had forgotten about byTim Shaw

And of course it is always such a pleasure to see a piece by the Boyle Family:
Elemental study for the Barcelona Site (shortened title) mixed media, resin, and fibreglass

I never try to look at everything in the Summer Exhibition, and I know that thus I miss many goodies.  On the other hand I do see much (and more than I have noted in these posts) which pleases, informs, and inspires, and sets off further investigation which leads to more and often wider thought about arty stuff as well as about my own work.

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