Friday, June 10, 2016


Painting the Forth Bridge used to be the never ending task that was always quoted.  Another is suppressing weeds.  We love Nature, but only the bits that we want!  But how lovely the strength of growth at this time of year, how diverse the shapes, and how marvellous that we can pick out the different shapes and shades in the mass and mess of greens.
The sounds as I strolled along the church path to the post box were of birds, especially the whistling duck on the pond, and very little else.  The whistling ducks are a pair, with what looked like about half a dozen tiny ducklings.  Our neighbour breeds fancy ducks and sometimes donates some to the pond.  I did not manage to get a snap of them, but here is a link which also includes the sound of the whistle.  It was a steady slow note of alarm #2 which greeted me as I approached.

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