Friday, December 14, 2018

Progress in a day

Initial thoughts on an idea - perhaps called Feeding the Golden Geece
It started with the vacuum cleaner not working, so I took out the filter and washed it.  It takes twelve hours to dry, so, on to the next thing on my list, which was an exploration of how to mount and frame the stitched readers.  I mounted one, and then found a box frame which was available online only.

So, I've ordered five frames, and went on to the next on the list: the final tidy-stitching of another finished piece.  This involved sitting in my stitching chair near two cold windows with no radiator nearby.  On with an extra jumper, but still feeling a bit cold I decided to work on the computer next to the radiator. I wanted to take a break from drawing readers, and I was inspired by thinking about Byzantine mosaics. 

I reached a pause point on the design which is at the top of this post, and decided to move the furniture round in my workroom so that the stitching chair was still next to a north-facing window, but also a hand's length away from the radiator.

All the while I have been listening to programmes from the In Our Time collection.  Brilliant.  I love radio programmes, and now their form online, not least because I can achieve so much while listening.

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