Sunday, March 20, 2016

The usual frustration

It is a paradox: the Internet opens us up to inspirational work that we would never have encountered otherwise, and yet how can we fully appreciate the subtleties that are experienced when viewing actual textiles from a metre away.  It has come to the point where most of the textile work  - as with most of the general sculptural pieces I have seen now is in two-dimensional digital form.  Today, through the current issue of Sculpture magazine I became aware of an artist who works with textiles, and I am just so frustrated that I will probably never see any of her work as live thread and cloth etc.
Julia Bland's work has intrigued and attracted me (image above from here). 
How I wish I could visit her studio ( seen above, from here) to see and find out more.  I will just have to be content with reading the reviews of her recent exhibition If you want to be free at On Stellar Rays for the time being, and delight in what looks great even in two dimensions.


  1. Interesting to see two of her her drawings with the little sketch of the underlying geometries ... and to learn that she studied islamic art in morocco.