Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bright signs of Spring

On Sunday we drove through fog to the gardens at Wisley, and were rewarded with a beautiful sunny day once we got there.
I've noticed that our crocus flowers were late this year, unlike a lot of the Spring flowers.  They were waiting it seems for a bit of frost to persuade them that this was not still Autumn!  Now they are pristine when the display here would normally be over.
Chinodoxas shine through the low spreading acer. 
Such a powerful blue.
The walled gardens have their own charm whatever the season.  At this time of year the deciduous trees are covered in potential. 
And of course the stems of willow, cornus, and the trunks of birch look spectacular.
Our primary reason for visiting on this occasion was to see the alpine houses.  Because there were so few folks we were able to move slowly through, having a close look at everything on both sides.
Such a delightful outing, on what turned out to be a warm day with crowds arriving just as we left.


  1. Beautiful! I find it interesting how the plants are in pots with stone mulch, then set into stone/sand almost up to the rim. That is a convenient and clean way of changing the seasonal displays.

  2. Yes, Marja-Leena, they are very good at changing the displays so that there are fresh budding or flowering plants all the time with no dying ones. I use stone mulch myself for our few alpines as not only does it reflect the heat, but also keeps the few weeds rather spindly and easy to remove.