Sunday, March 06, 2016

A little light reading

Matisse: Girl reading, vase of flowers (image from here)
From time to time I need a little 'snack' reading as a break from 'banquets' of deep thinking.  I listen to the radio while I am drawing on the computer, and had heard an amusing dramatization of a mystery novel by Colin Watson.  I like varying the language I read; enjoying the taste of the writing as I consume it, and this applies to mystery novels as much as to any other kind of subject matter.
I have just completed reading Watson's first Flaxborough novel: Coffin scarcely used.  Having enjoyed being in the 50s, and wanting to bring myself back gradually to the present day, I have decided to follow it with Margaret Forster's My life in houses.
Warren Criswell: Sleep reading (image from here)
I also like to vary the visual content as much as language and subject matter, looking at inspirational and/or thought-provoking input from a broad range of art.  Intrigued by Margaret Cooter's post on Betty Woodman I found an inexpensive copy of a book about her with lots of fabulous illustrations of her work, and it is buzzing my brain in between times.
Vanessa Bell: Girl reading (image from here)


  1. I very much enjoyed Margaret Forster's 'My Life in Houses' some while back now. I usually have a group of three or four books in my current reading selection, always of different genres as I find otherwise that I can't keep a clear head and appreciate each fully. My selection usually includes a novel of some kind or other, now read on my Kindle, a travel or art book to feast the senses (always a hard copy to hold in the hand and revisit at leisure) and a biography. How lucky I feel to have the time and opportunity to indulge myself in such pleasure!

  2. I always think that there is never enough time to read all the books I'd like to, Margaret, but it is good to know that I'll never run out of interesting stimulus!