Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Puttering along

Although I am fully occupied, there is not much to tell.  I am working through various things, progress being made, and puttering on the sidelines.
The puttering consists of making small versions of designs or parts of designs.  I always want to have stitching to hand when I need it, and don't ever want to feel pushed to produce make-work stuff.  So I've printed up a few pieces on cotton, two of which I've quickly snapped here with a pencil to show size.
I am also progressing happily through my relief printmaking, with another session of first proofing today.  Here below is a snap of some of the proofs before they went onto the rack.
My reading is print-oriented too, having moved on from Degas to Kiefer, after which I shall continue with another couple of books on relief work: Michael Rothenstein's Frontiers of Printmaking: new aspects of relief printing - published in 1966, so not quite so new!  And the not-yet-published Peter Green - The Workmanship of Uncertainty which is due to arrive at the end of the month.

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