Sunday, August 21, 2016

Further stripes

Continuing the wandering ponder, yesterday's post thoughts reminded me of work by a printmaker whose work I admire: Ellen Heck, and in particular her Color Wheels.  Of course, after looking at them again I puddled through the rest of her archive.  I do so enjoy her relaxed people, the lives they show, the reality of it, especially in the Plus a Century group -
where I encountered stripes which further reminded me of clothing ...
as distinctively depicted by Mary Cassatt, (image above from here)
and the lovely Watteau drawing in the British Museum,
and of course the dramatic drawings of Egon Schiele, which were not far from my memory because of Eirene's recent post.
Further, I found two interesting posts on stripes in Lucy Vivante's blog, here and here.  Strangely enough, stripes are not a particular aspect I have pursued in my own work - except in rows of stitch/quilting, of course.  I do have one recent lino print on which I tried out striped clothing of a sort, but I'm not sure I'm happy with that either.


  1. An interesting and varied collection of images. Nice seeing the Mary Cassatt again, as well as the Egon Schiele.

    1. Thanks, Eirene. I could have gone on and on with stripes on clothing ... interesting that black and white wide stripes were so prevalent at the turn of the 19/20th centuries.

  2. While on stripes you may like this little book by Michel Pastoureau The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes (Columbia 2001), ISBN 0-231-12366-3
    It is a small, humble book with great content on this subject.

    1. Bozena, thank you for the recommendation. I will look it up.