Thursday, August 11, 2016

Looking at lines

Today I went on an online journey inspired by Margaret Cooter's post, and her mention of Rosemary Burton's collages (see above). Intrigued, I remembered a splendid large collage I'd seen years ago, and tried to remember the name of the artist.  I googled all sorts of clues and looked at the images, and on the way was distracted by a photo of the work of Brenda Holzke.
Looking in detail at her work, which attracts me - most especially the Indigenous Baskets (see below), and the Mixed Media pieces (see above). 
Furtling around further pursuing Holzke online I also found an interesting blog: Pattern Prints Journal, with not only a post on Holzke, but also images of Louise Bourgeois' work currently (as shown below).
Two interesting finds - thanks to Margaret and my lack of memory - which later redeemed itself by popping the elusive name of Mariza Colonna into my brain at an appropriately idle moment. (image below from here)


  1. Interesting images and all (with the exception of Louise Bourgeois) of artists I had not come across before. I particularly like Brenda Holzke's work, and intend to explore further. Thank you for this post, Olga.

    It's always the way with memory, is it not? Stop trying to remember and at the most unexpected moments, it will come....

  2. The brain is an extraordinary organ: it helps when we pay attention, and it helps when we don't!

    I'm glad you like Holzke's work too.

  3. Thanks for those leads, exciting artists all new to me!