Sunday, April 08, 2018

When an idea comes along

I need to take a note, or start developing it, or it evaporates.
Doodle work in early stages of progress
I'm busy doing other things - or should be getting on with yet more commitments; but talk of tulips a couple of posts ago got the back of my mind whirring away as can be seen above.  Now that development has reached this stage I can leave it alone while I return to my to do list.
Yesterday I finished reading Enlightenment Now by Stephen Pinker - a relief to have got through it; but a read which generated many questions, and made me curious to read more about the areas it covers,... meantime also popping this visual reaction into my thinking:
Doodle work in early stages of progress
Another one for the back burner -  I hope there's room for everything!


  1. I gain particular enjoyment from your images featuring two women in conversation. They always project an enticing intimacy that makes me wonder about the nature of their lives and what they're saying to one another. I imagine these two to be sharing confidences or important news or perhaps discussing something much more mundane such as the price of vegetables in the market ... so many possibilities and whatever it is, there's a most intriguing dynamic at play!

    1. Thank you Margaret. I have always been fascinated by other people's lives, and was one of those who speculated about folks at bus stops. Over the years I learned how much we project of ourselves onto our speculations about the lives of others. I find it endlessly engaging to keep examining the ambiguity - so I'm delighted that you enjoy seeing the fruits of my doodling.