Sunday, May 08, 2016

A good day for being near water

A hot day today.  So hot indeed that we were grateful that our explorations took us past quite a few expanses of water, and through woods too, which cooled as they delighted the senses.
The Cree river at Newton Stewart.
This viaduct over the Big Water of Fleet is quite a structure. 
The legs are reinforced with brick as it had to carry munitions trains during WWII.  The viaduct was used in the filming of Hitchcock's version of The 39 Steps.
This is the Big Water of Fleet, which joins the Little Water of Fleet before flowing through Gatehouse of Fleet into the Solway Firth.
We were checked to make sure that we were not fishing without a permit (we were not fishing) at this delightful spot on Woodhall Loch.
The day was cooling as we reached Clatteringshaws Loch,
and the last loch of the day was the Black Loch, shaded by pines.
We were astonished to find that at 24 degrees C we had been hotter than Athens.

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