Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Not yet Spring

We have been relatively lucky with just a dusting of snow although the cold is certainly bitter.  Today I was cosy indoors, watching the birds in the glorious sunshine.
(image above from here)
My favourites of the day were thrushes smashing snails for hearty meals, and a jay busy pecking for beasties etc. among the snow covered grass.
(image above from here)


  1. This afternoon we watched a gold crest that my husband had spotted in the yew trees outside his office. This tiny bird flitted around the branches pecking off minute insects (we assumed) for several minutes - but just too short a time for me to grab my camera. How do these busy little birds survive in this cruel weather?

    1. Our yew and the dense low bushes are occupied by little birds. It is bad for them, especially as they are thinking about nesting around now. With luck this spell will soon be over - although it is much worse here today with a beautiful (from indoors!) layer of snow, and still falling.