Monday, February 12, 2018

In life and online

When we were away on our trip recently we visited the Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries.  There we saw a couple of exhibitions full of delightful works.  I was particularly taken by a small Robin Philipson: Whisper II, and now back home wanted to see if I could find it online.
Robin Philipson: Whisper II (image from here)
The gallery does have an online presence of its own, as well as on ArtUk, and indeed I found the image I wanted to revisit.  I decided to have a stroll through the online gallery, and was pleased to encounter an artist previously unkown to me: Dorothy Black.  In trying to find out more, I stumbled across one picture which appealed to the juggler obsessive in me. It is good to see that I am not alone!
Dorothy Black: Me and the sea (image from here)


  1. That painting by Robin Philipson is mesmerising. It had me scurrying to look him up on ArtUK. I especially enjoyed the vigour and movement of his Fighting Cocks series - very different in feel from Whisper ll which seems to me to be gentle and peace-inducing.

    1. Margaret, there is a wondrous tapestry woven by Dovecote in Edinburgh of a painting by Philipson:
      His paintings so often have a kind of dreamlike - or nightmarish quality to them I find.