Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My favourite pencil

I like pencils.  I very much like writing with pencils.  I nearly always have a pencil with me, and the house is full of pencils - though they all hide when I urgently need to write a note!
Today I came across a book: The Secret Life of the Pencil, which would make a perfect stocking filler for so many folks who draw.  The pencil makes such a splendid sculptural object and looks good in a photograph.  Below are a couple of spreads from the book:
and this one from here
There is a review and more photos here
I quickly scanned a few of my favourite pencils - I have several with animals stuck on the end, of which these are the few that are within reach of my pc.  My absolute favourite pencils of all time are the black ones in the middle.  They are what are left of the five I received as a gift from my god-daughter many years ago, bought by her for a few pence in Woolworths in Nicosia!  They write beautifully, not too hard, and not too soft - and I love that elegant simplicity of all black.


  1. I have several propelling pencils around here. Almost like one for each notebook!

    I keep the empty casing even when I cannot find a refill which works. Just annoyed that the rubber goes hard so quickly.

    1. Sandy, I'm afraid that I've never really got on with propelling pencils. Controlling the lead drop always seems to give me problems - and I do like the feel of a wooden pencil. The jury is still out on the recycled substance ones, but they are not too bad; better for me than the propelling ones, anyway. But I admit there are many good looking propelling pencils, so I can see why you keep them.

  2. I’m playing catch up - again. Christmas preparations have got the better of me!
    I enjoy the pencil in all it’s guises - wooden, propelling and in graphite stick form. It is my go to tool for writing as well as drawing. I love the msoft subtlety of the mark and its impermanence. Your little collection of ones with animals on the end is charming. To use one would be like meeting up with a friend!

    1. You are right about my animal end pencils, Margaret. I have one with a dalmation with a nodding head with which I write my shopping list in the kitchen, and it feels completely wrong to use a different pencil for that task.