Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I do like to be beside the seaside

On Sunday we set off for the East Sussex coast: to two exhibitions.  First we visited the Towner Gallery to see a most interesting collection of landscape photographs.  I was also intrigued there by the diversity of architecture around the gallery - and the fact that it abuts the tennis courts which I have seen on television when the international competition just before Wimbledon is taking place. Please forgive the lack of quality in my snaps - some were taken from inside the gallery, and it was a rather misty day (well, those are my excuses!).  This was a day of extraordinary visual feasts - art and life.
There I also encountered a collection of holm oaks, a tree not often seen in England.  It is a tree I know from Greece, and a favourite of mine.  The tree is also known as the holly oak, and lo - there was a holly growing out of one next to our car (note the silhouette above the cut branch in the second snap)!
We did not wander far in Eastbourne for we were set for points East: Hastings to see the Rego exhibition mentioned in my previous postThe Jerwood gallery, like the Towner is relatively new, and is positioned near the shore next to the wondrous working chaos of fishing folk.

There were a couple of amusing sights:
And then of course there was the calming sight of the sea.
A great day trip to the seaside!


  1. I would like to get to the Towner Gallery, sadly it's a bit far for me, but hopefully one day.
    I was immediately reminded of Prunella Clough's work when I saw your photos of the wooden buildings and the 'industrial landscape' by the sea.

    1. I'm a fan of Clough's work, so I enjoyed your comment. The Towner is quite a place, and now that the Jerwood is in Hastings it is worth a trip, especially in Winter when the crowds are thinner.