Thursday, December 28, 2017

A quick breath

Annie Soudain: First light

Hibernation reading is progressing well, but with three books rather than two.  Ann Wroe's Six Facets of Light is a delightful walk with her around the landscape of south-eastern England, accompanied by quotes and tellings of poets, artists, musicians, ... and inspires much thought, and from time to time further delving.

Thus, in order to savour appropriately ...
I am alternating chapters with another title which is proving equally though-provoking: Timothy Hyman's The World New Made, Figurative Painting in the Twentieth Century.  This is a different history of art from Cubism on, looking at figurative rather than abstract development - a fascinating alternative perspective.

And my bedtime reading (Henning Mankell's Italian Shoes) is appropriately chill in the snow of Sweden, where the main protagonist cuts a circle in the ice every day in order to plunge naked, for the pain to remind him he is alive!  I of course am meantime well tucked up with ample duvet and hot water bottle.

But now, back to my bracing walk in the light.

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