Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Thorn scherzo

I have spent most of today preparing small pieces for stitching, and also returning to a drypoint print from a few years back.  The latter has now been through the digital 'doodle' process (above), and is almost ready to be printed onto cotton, and itself added to the stitch pile.  I shall try out the silk-wrapped stainless steel yarn on the thorns.
Meanwhile, outside the leaves have been glowing gold in the cold sunshine.  A lovely day.


  1. The thorns hit my heart and made me think twice about the message of the image. Coincidentally I was listening a few hours ago to "is birdsong music" on the iplayer (, fascinating.

    1. Thanks Margaret for the note about the birdsong programme. I shall pursue that.
      This image emerged from my thoughts at a difficult time when I was caring for my mother. I felt torn between anger and guilt. Everything I did seemed to lead to emotional pain for either or both of us.
      But alongside that day to day misery was the joy I derived from small notes: observing birds and other aspects of nature, and the escapism of music at the occasional concert.
      I was also lucky enough to have attended a printmaking course at this time - initially just as a way of regularly getting me out of the house, but it turned out to be more important than that for me. This image was one of the results of that course.

    2. The programme is really fascinating, Margaret, as you say. Thanks a lot.

  2. A complex and thought-provoking piece, Olga. I look forward to seeing the textile version.