Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Current colour palette

There is not much in the way of art life immediately around us - someone once described it as the grey area - but we seem to live in a benign weather pocket.  While storms were raging over the weekend in other parts of the country we simply had rain.  No matter what the weather, however, the garden looks glorious at this time of year.  On Sunday the clouds gathered above us and darkness before dawn grew straight into twilight.  Despite this, the view from the window still glowed.
The three cemetery oaks unfailingly provide a stepped colour change: the one on the right is nearer the pond and so loses its leaves last (the deceptive green is the ivy which provides sustenance for the pesky pigeons!).
The rain stopped for a short time, and I grabbed the opportunity to empty the compost buckets from the kitchen, taking my camera for a few snaps in less gloom. 
And closer snaps show how the colours zing even in November grey.  I just love it all.