Thursday, October 13, 2016

Slow recovery

The head cold was firmly established on the last day of September, and it has taken until these days - mid October for me to start feeling that it has almost gone.  Finally.  I reckon that next week I can get back to work properly.
Meantime I find it impossible not be doing something, and the design in progress above has been and is still soothing my turmoil.
I am reading Peter Frankopan's  The Silk Roads, and somehow thoughts of Roman, Persian, and Indian painting became mixed up in my dreams, and this image emerged.


  1. Always a little frustrating when illness stops us in our tracks and then lingers. We may not be anywhere near a hundred percent yet the creative urge can't be kept on hold. A lovely thing you're passing the time with as you recouperate.

  2. Thank you, Sheila. Yes, I know when I am REALLY ill - it's when I don't feel like doing anything creative at all.

  3. So richly colourful! The work of Stephen Chambers comes to mind ( - and to my surprise the photo on his home page is richly red like yours, with important use of yellow.

    1. Margaret, strangely enough - or maybe not so strangely - Stephen Chambers is an artist whose work I have followed for some years now. I have not looked at his website for a while, having last been more curious about his printmaking, but yes, I do remember rich colours in his paintings. Who knows what influences us at any particular moment from the ragbag we gather on our travels through life. I was more directly thinking about wall paintings in Pompeii, I must admit, but all sorts gets into the soup of creativity.
      The change of seasons also makes me lean in this direction - feeling somewhat Verlaine-ish.