Friday, October 14, 2016

Doodling on

It's interesting that as soon as I put a design-in-progress up on the blog I see problems and am set itching to work at it further.  I thought I'd show what wee progress I made on my classical viola player.


  1. That IS wee! It took me several back and forths between the previous version and this to spot what you had changed. And yes, it does make a difference.

  2. I agree. There is nothing like putting work up on my blog to see things differently and perhaps more clearly. It is somehow more powerful than putting it up on the wall and stepping back. Why is that I wonder? Possibly it's because it makes the eyes see things as others might see them - it impersonalises things and takes wishful thinking out of play!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Yes, Sheila, the changes are small: the bowing arm/wrist, and the colour of the blue berries - but small things that are 'wrong' seem to be magnified once spotted.

    Margaret, I think it is the powerful feeling of 'too late' that can pervade one's thinking when work is published in one way or another. I cannot count the number of times when authors or artists previously happy with how things looked or read before printed wanted changes as soon as they saw the proofs. Exactly as you say, it shows what others would see as finished work.

    I'm not sure that this design is done yet. I shall have to forget it and return some time later before I'm satisfied.

  4. I love how this is progressing. Such a useful tool isn't it. Sometimes I just take a photo and look at it on the back of the camera with the same effect. I like that you do it on blogger though as we get to see too ;)